Types of Effects of Celiac Disease Might be Experienced by Sufferer

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Effects of celiac disease can be experienced by those who are at risk. Since celiac disease is considered as a genetic disorder those who have family member with this disease have a higher risk to experience the same thing. However, genetic factor does not always make you automatically gets the disease. There are also other factors such as surgery and other stressful condition which can trigger the disease to develop.

This condition might also occur during pregnancy which makes you difficult when not consuming foods with gluten. Celiac disease patient has the main problem with gluten. The effects of gluten on celiac disease are making the immune system attacking the lining in the small intestine. This condition leads to severe damage to the digestive system. Avoiding gluten diet is known to be an effective prevention so far. When you can remove the gluten, the small intestine will heal continuously.

Effects of celiac disease if it is untreated

These are various problems which might happen if a celiac disease does not treat properly. Lactose intolerant becomes one example of problems which may occur. This condition refers to a small intestine which cannot digest lactose properly. Other effects of celiac disease on the body are vitamin and mineral deficiencies. People with the celiac problem, their small intestine is damaged. It is the lead to a condition when vitamins and mineral cannot be absorbed properly. If the disease is not treated, someone might be deficient from iron, calcium, magnesium, folate, or many other types of minerals.

The celiac disorder also causes effect into bone health such as osteoporosis and osteopenia. When your body is deficient in calcium, it loses the strength of bone. Besides, if the small intestine doesn’t heal and calcium continues to lose, you might experience low bone density or medically known as osteopenia as well as develop osteoporosis if the bone developed into weaker condition. One of the negative effects of celiac disease is someone developed anemia due to iron deficiency.


Your body requires iron to produce red blood cells that used to transport oxygen into the body. Low amount of iron means that your blood does not have enough oxygen which causes you exhausted easily and difficulty to breath. Those who are intolerant to gluten-containing foods also might have a problem with fertility. If the disease remains uncontrolled, women may have difficulty for conceiving and if they are pregnant, they have higher risk of getting a miscarriage.

Celiac disease complications in children

A child who suffers from the celiac disease which hasn’t successfully diagnosed by the doctors might have small body and underweight. There is also a possibility for them to have weak tooth enamel and certain condition namely intussusception. It makes the intestines on children could fold in on their own. This health problem also affects children development so that those having the celiac problem might have a chance of delay into puberty. Hence, the earlier children get diagnosed, the better it is since the doctors can suggest them to consume the gluten-free diet. This will be effective to prevent the development of serious effects of celiac disease.

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