Is Brown Sugar Gluten-Free?

Is Brown Sugar Gluten-Free? Most people think that brown color from brown sugar comes from added caramel coloring. But the fact is, brown sugar is a result of refined cane sugar to molasses and added back. This means, brown sugar normally does not contain gluten as it does not contain grain ingredients and not added with food coloring additive that contains gluten. However, it is still a possibility for additional caramel coloring to brown sugar for darken the brown color. 

How to check brown sugar gluten free

As some brand of brown sugar product is might add additional food coloring additive to their brown sugar product, then the best way to know whether it is gluten free or not is by reading the ingredient label. The existence of food coloring does not always mean that it has the significant amount of gluten, but however, it is best for choose brands that have no added coloring other than the color from molasses. This will help you to decide whether a brand does brown sugar gluten free contain or not. 

Cookies with brown sugar gluten free recipe

If you want to snack with brown sugar ingredient, you can choose brown sugar gluten-free cookies that safe for celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. You can find it from the online store that sells gluten-free foods. This is the healthy snack that you can eat anytime without worrying about gluten. You also can make it in your kitchen using simple recipes.


  • 1 softened stock butter
  • 1 egg with room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 ¼ all-purpose gluten free flour
  • 1 cup of brown sugar

Directions to make

  • Mix cream butter in stand mixer with sugar and beat well together. Scrape down sides if it is necessary
  • When the mixed sugar and cream becomes creamed, add vanilla and egg and mix together
  • Add flour and baking soda and then mix it well. Dough until thicker and add more ¼ cup of gluten-free flour
  • Refrigerate the dough into at least 3 hours to 5 days.
  • Preheat to the oven at 350 temperatures. Scoop dough with cookie scoop and form into balls.
  • Bake for 8-10 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and allow cooling before store to the airtight container for 5 days last.
  • Serve and enjoy your brown sugar gluten-free food 
Gluten free brown sugar brands

There are many brands of brown sugar available in the market. One thing that keeps on the mind from people who concern with celiac disease or sensitivity to gluten, they want to know whether A brand or B brand is gluten-free or not. The example is domino brown sugar gluten free? If you worrying brown sugar you buy is contain hidden gluten ingredients, then you can peace of mind when buying domino brown sugar as it is free from gluten at all. Domino says that their entire sugar product is gluten-free. Their confectioner sugar just contains with so small cornstarch (less than 0, 01% corn gluten) and not harmful for people who have a sensitivity to gluten.

Top Gluten-Free Restaurants in Portland

Gluten-free restaurants Portland information is pretty searched by those who are traveling to Portland, but also need to limit their consumption of sugar. Gluten-free restaurants are also a choice for those who want to start a healthier lifestyle. You probably think that gluten-free foods are painful. But in Portland, you are really able to find gluten-free yet delicious foods. If you are looking for gluten-free restaurants which offer gluten-free foods, here they are. 


You will never recognize that you are eating gluten-free foods in this restaurant. You can even eat a brownie dessert without worrying about your blood sugar level. If you visit this gluten-free restaurant in Portland, make sure you do not miss their risotto. It is made with truffle oil, beef, vegetables, and mushroom which makes it really yummy. Once again, you do not have to be worried about your sugar blood level. Andina has a really pretty night spot, so you can also have gluten-free dining Portland. 

Corbett Fish House

This one of gluten-free restaurants Portland downtown offer gluten-free menu, which is all of them. You do not have to worry about eating fish fry, since they coat the fish first with brown rice flour before they fry it. For thickening the soups, they do not use wheat flour. The sauces they offer even are free from gluten. They also offer the menu for kids too if you bring your children to Portland.

Cultured Caveman

This gluten dairy free restaurants Portland has four branches. They are located in downtown of Portland, Alberta, North Portland, and also Hawthorne. Cultured Caveman restaurant does not only offer foods which are gluten-free, but also soy free and dairy free. But the foods this restaurant offer are still delicious even without those three ingredients. If you visit this restaurant, you can order its Salmon Poke Salad. For the dessert, Blueberry Cobbler Cup is its recommendation. 

Ground Breaker Brewing and Gastropub

For you who have been avoiding beer because of your diabetes, you can visit this place. Ground Breaker Brewing and Gastropub restaurant offer you beer which is gluten-free! They also offer delicious foods such as grilled shrimps and taco. 


This gluten-free restaurant’s Portland offers the menu for breakfast, lunch, and also dinner. Harlow is located in Hawthorne and offers foods which are 100% free from gluten. Its recommendation is a menu called The Betty Bowl. Harlow also has a lot of sauces which are also gluten-free. If you visit this restaurant, you may want to try avocado cilantro. 


This restaurant is good for those who are looking for gluten-free foods, but it is also a good place for a vegetarian. They offer vegan menu such as salad rolls served with peanut sauce for its dipping. Black rice pudding is its recommendation for dessert. But you need to be in a quite long line of you want to eat in this one of gluten-free restaurants Portland.

Facts about Vanilla Ice Cream

Is vanilla ice cream gluten-free question is the most asked question by those who love ice cream, but need to limit the consumption of sugar. The sweetness and coldness of an ice cream will help you to be more relaxed and free from the stress. But, what about those who got diabetes? Is it true that diabetics need to avoid consuming ice cream at all?

How to Consume Vanilla Ice Cream for Diabetics

Food for diabetics mostly contains less sugar and fat, it is because diabetics need to control their blood sugar levels by limiting the consumption of sugar. This makes all kind and all flavor of ice cream which contains a high level of sugar becomes the biggest enemy for diabetics. Maybe some diabetics make some excuses like, is vanilla ice cream gluten free? Or is all vanilla ice cream gluten free?

Actually, diabetics still can consume ice cream. People with diabetes can consume ice cream with low sugar, low calories, and low fat. There is some ice cream brand that produces gluten-free vanilla ice cream. For example, Breyers. Breyers produce healthier vanilla ice cream which is without extra sugar, lactose-free, fat-free, and low carbohydrate. This may answer your question about is Breyers vanilla ice cream gluten free.

If it is hard for you to find gluten free ice cream in your town, especially gluten-free vanilla ice cream, you can make it yourself. Use sugar with low calories and low-fat milk. You can also add some fresh fruit to make it healthier and safer for your blood sugar. By making your own vanilla ice cream, you can also control the sugar level. 

Benefits of Consuming Ice Cream

You should not only ask is vanilla ice cream gluten-free, you should also ask the benefits of consuming ice cream. Not only relieving stress and calming, there are also other benefits you can get and here they are.

  1. Consuming ice cream can strengthen your bones. It is because ice cream is mostly made from milk which is the good source of calcium. This can be a replacement if you cannot drink milk.
  2. Ice cream is your source of energy. Ice cream contains a high level of nutritional value such as carbohydrate, fats, and protein. All of them are important as your source of energy to help you do your daily activities.
  3. Ice cream is able to increase your immune system. It is because ice cream contains lactoferrin, which is useful to prevent your body from viruses such as influenza and cytomegalovirus.
  4. Consuming ice cream is able to stimulate your brain. It is because ice cream contains thrombonin which is playing a role in decreasing stress. Besides, ice cream is made from milk which contains L-tryptophane which is nature sedative to make your nervous system relax. It is even claimed that consuming ice cream is able to avoid you from insomnia. Those are the benefits of consuming ice cream beside the answer of is vanilla ice cream gluten-free.

Tips to Have Breakfast Fast Food for Diabetics

Gluten-free breakfast fast food is the most searched fast food for diabetics who still want to eat fast food. Diabetics are suggested not to eat fast food, even normal people with the healthy condition are not suggested to eat fast food too often. Actually, you still can eat fast food although you have diabetes. You just need to pay attention to the limitations when eating it. Here are some tips for ordering breakfast fast food for diabetics.

Things to be Concerned in Ordering Breakfast Fast Food
  1. If you want to choose breakfast fast food in a combo, ask the waiters to change the French fries with salad or fresh fruits to replace it.
  2. Do not order the jumbo size. Jumbo size or deluxe size means a bigger serve or fast food which also means more calories contained in the food. It also means that it contains more saturated fats, salts, and also cholesterol. It will be better if your order gluten-free breakfast sandwich fast food if it is available.
  3. Get used to ordering fast food without topping. If you cannot find gluten-free breakfast fast food, choose the common fast food without adding any topping on it. Do not add tomato sauce or mayonnaise. If you order sandwich or burger, order one without cheese and ask the waiters to add some tomatoes and onions.
  4. Choose to eat salad as your side dish. Choose salad instead of garlic bread or mac and cheese as your side dish. Mix bell pepper, broccoli, spinach, garlic with some fruits such as strawberry, melon, watermelon, and etc. As the salad dressing, you can add mustard instead of mayonnaise.
  5. Eat healthy snacks after you eat breakfast fast food. You can eat fresh fruits or plain Greek yogurt as your snacks to replace the unhealthy ones. You can order them in the gluten-free fast food breakfast restaurant or you just can bring them from your home.
DIY Gluten Free Breakfast Fast Food Menu

If it is difficult for you to find gluten free breakfast fast food restaurant in your town, you can make these simple menu for your breakfast fast food.

  1. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs is the common breakfast menu even in the fast food restaurant. But you cannot control the ingredients they use if you order it that kind of restaurant. So, it will be better if you cook it yourself since it is really simple. Fry the eggs with pure olive oil instead of cooking oil or vegetable oil. Add some vegetables and mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes to make it even healthier.

  1. Sandwich with Wheat Bread

Making a sandwich with wheat bread is healthier than using the common bread. Wheat bread is healthier because it contains a lot of vitamin E. You can even choose the healthy filling such as spinach, tomatoes, onions and any other healthy vegetable. Or you can make your own fruit jams as the topping. This simple menu can also be your gluten-free breakfast fast food.

Facts about Greek Yogurt You Need to Know

Is Chobani yogurt gluten free? Chobani yogurt is one of some kinds of Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is considered as a healthy food which can be a snack that healthier for a body. This creamy food with sour flavor is also chosen to eat for weight loss. It is because yogurt especially Greek yogurt contains less calories. Here are some facts about is all Greek yogurt gluten free.

All about Greek Yogurt
  1. Greek yogurt is thicker compared to the common yogurt. It is because Greek yogurt is made by eliminating whey protein which is contained in milk. Whey protein is found in a thinner part of milk, which is why Greek yogurt is thicker.
  2. The protein contained in Greek yogurt can be three times more than in the common yogurt. Consuming foods that contain a high level of protein is good for your metabolism and makes you full for a longer time. That is why Greek yogurt is good for weight loss.
  3. Greek yogurt contains less carbohydrate. As it is said before, Greek yogurt is made by eliminating whey protein, which is why it is thicker than common yogurt. It is also Greek yogurt contains less carbohydrate. It is good for you who limit the consumption of carbohydrate.
  4. Greek yogurt also contains vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 plays a role in producing red blood cells and good for the brain’s nervous system. So that Greek yogurt is great at giving you the energy to do your daily activities and also preventing brain shrinkage.
  5. Consuming Greek yogurt is good for increasing the health of your intestines. It is because Greek yogurt contains good bacteria or probiotics which are needed in order to balance the bacteria in your intestines. The probiotics are also good for increasing the health of your digestion, increasing your immune, and reducing the risk of digestion diseases.
Is Greek Yogurt Gluten Free?

There are a lot of questions about Greek yogurt such as is plain Greek yogurt gluten free or is flavored Greek yogurt gluten free. It will be better if you choose plain yogurt as much as possible. Avoid buying flavored Greek yogurt such as chocolate flavor yogurt, fruity flavor yogurt, or even vanilla flavor yogurt, if you are limiting the consumption of sugar. It is because flavored Greek yogurt mostly contains a pretty much sugar. The food coloring itself is not really good to be consumed for a long time. Avoid buying Greek yogurt which mentions sugar in its first or second list of ingredients.

You also need to wary about fake fruit contents. A lot of Greek yogurt products claim that they contain of real fruits. But not a little of them actually use fake fruit contents or only the extract or the essence of the fruits. So that as it is said before, it will be better if you buy plain Greek yogurt. Just add some fresh fruit and honey if you think it is less sweet. That is the information for you who wonder is chobani yogurt gluten free.